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At CarbonWorks, we pride ourselves on offering high quality carbon fibre at an affordable price. All our carbon products are manufactured using an industrial autoclave machine. This produces a far superior product than the rudimentary'wet lay-up', or the 'vacuum bagging' technique. It also eliminates the unsightly pin holing in the resin, instead leaving a beautifully glossy, smooth, wet-looking finish that is structurally superior and far stronger.

We recognize that the majority of our customers who are considering purchasing carbon fibre dont want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on Formula 1 quality items, so with this in mind we have manufactured our product with the external layer being carbon fibre cloth, then a layer of GRP (Glass reinforced plastic). This allows us to offer our products at a considerable discount than if we were to manufacture in full carbon fibre.

Of course, we also realise that there are a few who just want the very strongest, very lightest and very best there is available and are happy to pay a little more than the average customer. For these customers we are happy to offer all of our product range in full carbon fibre.

If you do require this, please specify this at the time of order. 50% surcharge applies for full carbon fibre. If you have a one-off part that you would like manufactured in carbon fibre, please email us as we can offer a custom-made service where we take a mold off your part then make it in carbon.

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